Monday, February 9, 2009

Home at Last!

Thiago in his car seat before leaving the hospital
3 pounds 15 ounces

Yes - its true - Thiago Gabriel Torres aka Baby Acevedo came home today!! I just can't believe that he is really here with us - 99 days later. We got the call this morning - I was told Thiago had a wonderful weekend and he was ready to go home. It was one of those phone calls that you know you will get one day, but you just aren't sure if it will ever come. He is all ours. Here are a few shots of him in his car seat before the big trip home.

Closer look at Thiago in his car seat

Thiago sleeps all the way
Thiago wants to sleep AND check out his new place - already multitasking
look how cute his tiny little overalls are


Aileen said...

I'm so upset that I wasn't there for his home coming! Oh well . . . Welcome Home Thiago! I can't wait to see him in his home sweet home finally! Besitos ;o)

Lisbeth said...

Congrats Thiago, Aixa & David! Can't wait to see more of you Thiago.

Isabel said...

more pics! more more more!!! I can't get enough of his cute lil self.
Congrats to you and David and lil Thiago to being able to sleep in his own home! xoxo

Jessica said...

OMG!!!!! HE IS SO CUTE!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you guys! I can't wait to see him. Don't let mozart lick all over him!

Cori said...

I am so happy for you Aixa and David!! I've been praying for you and your precious baby!


Love ya!

Janni said...

Aww!! Congratulations on the home coming!! That is just awesome! He looks so cute in his carseat!

giraffegirl524 said...

i am so happy for you all!

Michele said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! How has it been with you're little miracle home with you? I am very happy for you all! Cant wait to see more pics!

Taira003 said...

Congratulations to all of you. He looks wonderful. Im so happy for you. Give him a big hug. xoxoxo