Monday, June 1, 2009

Thiago - 11 pounds and growing

Thiago has been such a pleasant surprise in our lives - of course being our first born and going through what we have with him - he is so much more fun that I ever imagined! GO THIAGO. He is growing accordingly. His eye doctor said he is good to go and we do not need to see him again. Everyone still asks me what his eye color is and I still don't have a clue - they seem to change, but not sure if it will be a permanent color eventually. His lungs are developing just fine - but he is still at risk to getting sick. Thiago is laughing and making so many noises - its so much fun to see him laugh! He is teething - so that comes with lots of saliva and somewhat of an agitation... I feel so bad for him. He has a a little patch of hair growing, but not enough to comb :)

Finally - Thiago was casted as Carlos Lopez on an upcoming Dr. G The Medical Examiner episode - stay tune! He was paid a whopping $100. Talk about a proud moment for us. ENJOY THE PICS!

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Janni said...

He is one handsome little guy!! And so well dressed!! I'm so happy for you guys. They are life changing. Christian teethed for FOREVER! He finally got his first tooth at 15 months. But he has been a great teether, thank God!