Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy New Year!! Thiago celebrates 2010!

The past year was one full of adventures and developments for Thiago. He is a crazy crawler and gets up where ever he finds an opportunity - usually the kitchen trash, the stove, fridge and dishwasher - I guess its wherever he finds an appliance. He has 6 teeth and he says Da-Da - he also repeated the letters J and K when he heard the alphabet. He is really strong and an eager beaver - he does not sit still!!! He weighs about 17 pounds.

Thiago is thriving like a normal toddler - no developmental issues - although we are a bit concerned at all times. I am enrolling him into classes this week - he will be taking classes like Nursery Rhyme Time, Itsy Bitsy Yoga and Baby Rock. We have a real baby boy in our hands!

Thiago is a real lucky boy - he has lots of friends and family that love him beyond anything I have ever experienced. We continue to get cards in the mail from people who have been touched by his story from around the states - specifically from a church in Pennsylvania - Oak Grove Church of Christ. (Bill and Ruby Roberts, Bob and Mary Neiderhiser, Sharon Hixon, and of course Mr. and Mrs. Burd) we also have wonderful neighbors that constantly shower him with gifts and love Letha and Colleen!! Mr. and Mrs. Gassett from across the street as well. Like I said - we are very, very lucky. We have love from Tio Josi, Titi Rosa, Titi Elsa, Titi Betty, Titi Benny, Tio Heri, Titi Aileen, Titi Frances - his Jersey Titi's and his number one WELA - it just pours in from the West Coast to the East Coast including Brazil, Puerto Rico, NY, LA - it keeps coming and we love and appreciate every bit of it. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!!

Thiago is very easily ammused
Thiago at Occupational Therapy - he still gags on thin liquids - due to being intubated for so long in the NICU.

Christmas 2009
Christmas 2008

We never really shared this photo because he looked so small and sick - but now that he is a big boy and healthy as can be - well its a different story. Thiago was taken out of his incubator for 30 seconds to take this photo - so there was a lot of pressure to get him in and out as soon as possible. Mind you, he was on a canula (breathing tube) so there was a nurse on her knees holding oxygen to his nose and when it was time to take the picture she would step back quickly. Thiago was about a month and one week here and weighed about 2 pounds.
He had no idea the bow was on his forhead

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