Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Getting bigger and more independent

Thiago Gabriel Torres
Thiago sleeping after his bath and feeding with a little
outfit for a 2 1/2 pounder given to him by Isabel

Thiago has graduated from POD 1 to POD 4 – meaning he is no longer critical, but stable and that he is in a new room with a lot more privacy and less noise. He has gained 4 ounces in the last week, making him a whopping 2 ½ pounds. He is now drinking out of a bottle every other feeding and most likely will be breathing on his own in the next few days.

I was able to bathe him for the first time and it was harder than I ever imagined – he was so slippery. As soon as he was dipped into the water – he seemed a bit bothered, but then his entire facial expression changed to a satisfying stillness. It was great to watch him just enjoy a warm bath in a small plastic container. He gets his third eye exam tomorrow, his last two just showed he had immature retinas – hopefully tomorrow it shows everything is well! The day we get to take him home is getting closer and closer. I know a lot of people always ask me when can he come home, so this is what I've been told, preemies normally go home around their due date or three weeks after. Thiago's due date was February 14th. He has to weigh at least 4 pounds, be able to drink out of a bottle for all of his feedings and be able to breathe on his own. When he does come home – he will not be traveling out of our home for several months, unless he needs to go to the doctors. Family and friends think that if he is home by the baby shower date – that Thiago will be there – the answer is NO. He must remain safe from germs and lots of people carrying germs for quite some time.

Yes - this is Papi feeding Thiago. David is always with us.

OK - don't know if I am posting too much now - but I thought since he looks adorable sucking this pacifier -- others may really enjoy this video as well. Maybe I'm getting like those mothers that don't know when enough is enough - like "OK, lady your baby is cute - we get it, but please stop showing us everything he does" kind of mother, am I? Anyway - look at his awesome hand gesture at 23 seconds and listen to the cute little noise he makes between 19 and 20 seconds -OK - so I am - can't help it - look how cute he is!


Aileen said...

Aye, I almost thought the video was too short! The hand gesture still makes me laugh, and I think everything he does is absolutely adorable, so I guess I'm a crazy Titi.

Janni said...

No, your not posting too much and yes he is freaking adorable! I love seeing him grow and learn things as he gets bigger. It's a whole new world girl and you will see the world in a whole new light too as you go discovering things with him. It's awesome! I'm very proud of you and David and Thiago especially! Please let me know when I can come see him. I want to see him so bad!!

Isabel said...

I LOVE HIM! he looks so cute in his lil pj's! sigh... I can't wait to see him again! love u guys!